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Armed guard security


Termination planning is the most important part of any termination, particularly hostile terminations.. You should plan ahead for security and allowing the employee to leave with dignity.


In conducting a termination the approach should be strictly business.

A firm courteous approach is appropriate. This is a culmination of the process; the person being terminated has been given an opportunity to defend him/her prior to getting to this stage. An investigation or inquiry has been conducted and the facts supporting a termination have already been determined.

The termination is the culmination of the process where the individual is advised of the reason(s) for the termination. In a clear and concise manner the individual is advised that he/she is being terminated and why. There should be a firm control of the process so the individual understands that the time of discussion has passed.

They should be treated with respect and dignity. In instances of a hostile terminations the same approach as discussed above should be followed except for the availability of security should be
factored into the process.

The people at Providers International Inc. have a collective of over fifty years of experience.


Securing your company is a critical piece of an effective business model.

At Providers International Inc. we not only consult with our clients on specific terminations, we offer training to the management ahead of time. Through after action critiques on what was done well and what could be improved our clients have the opportunity to improve their approach.

If handled correctly most terminations go well. With proper planning and empathy there should not be any problems. If there are problems Providers International is ready willing and able to assist in whatever capacity is needed.

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