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Armed guard security


Protecting your business and providing a safe environment for your colleagues is within reach.


In today’s tumultuous environment business owners have a duty to provide a safe space for employees, vendors and visitors.

Armed security at your place of business can significantly reduce the potential for, theft, work related violence, and tragedy. The addition of a properly trained armed officer can effectively minimize potential litigation while increasing the profitability of your business. 

At providers International we do not believe in “one size fits all.” In fact, unlike many security firms our officers come from a variety of backgrounds.

This allows us to customize the services offered to our clients and train our officers to suit the needs of services required for each operation.

armed guards Security


Securing your company is a critical piece of an effective business model.

Paramilitary and law enforcement approaches to civilian security issues often create more problems than they solve. It is important that businesses partner with companies that understand real world security and have a capacity to deliver alternative approaches for reducing risks.

After an initial request for armed guard services Providers International will assess your current strategies. Our staff will then develop a multipronged customized approach which will minimize risks and increase the level of security at your place of business. Once formulated management will work collectively with your staff to seamlessly integrate our security protocols and onsite officers into your business culture.

Because we prioritize building long standing trusting relationships, our team is always available to address concerns and respond to situations that inevitably emerge.

Engaging armed officers to secure your business signals to everyone that your company prioritizes safety and security. Providing onsite security encourages peace of mind and lends a sense of comfort to personnel. This cost-effective deterrent can be a deciding factor for whether your company becomes a target or a fortress.

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