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Armed guard security


5852 88th Street Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95828

Open 24 Hours

5852 88th Street Suite 400

Sacramento, CA 95828

Open 24 Hours

Security Risks Never Take A Break. Neither Do We

We are a team of dedicated, professionally trained security personnel committed to helping you establish a safe environment for you, your assets, and your people.


The Top Choice For Security Services In Sacramento

Providers international is a security company in Sacramento, CA that offers integrated security services individualized to your security goals. We provide our clients with a comprehensive yet scalable approach to keeping their businesses and investments secure by uniting skilled security personnel, technology, and failproof strategies.

Moreover, we continually evolve our security services to keep up with the dynamic nature of risks across all industries, allowing us to deliver a high quality of service.

Our Security Services

We offer end-to-end security services in Sacramento across multiple industries and give you the freedom to scale up or down to meet your needs and budget.


Deter and combat criminal activities at your events, commercial establishments, or home with well-trained armed guards in Sacramento, CA. With our Sacramento armed guard services, you can rest assured knowing your people and assets will be safe and secure so you can focus solely on what matters.


Ensuring that your operations run smoothly without disturbances is crucial to the success of your business. At Providers International, we provide comprehensive asset management services in Sacramento, CA. We are your one stop shop for all security management solutions you may need, from managing your fleets to around-the-clock surveillance.


A toxic and violent work environment is not only unproductive but it also reduces your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent. Moreover, you will lose money to hospital bills and lawsuits or end up with even wrongful death situations on your hands. However, with fully trained security on-site and proper training from our Sacramento workplace violence mitigation specialists, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of workplace violence at your business establishment.


When you have high-value assets at your home or business premises or are attending a high-profile event, you will be open to vulnerabilities from all angles if you do not have a plan and security guards. Whether you require armed guards or 24/7 surveillance, you can count on our Sacramento site security services to keep you, your people, and your valuable assets safe.


Many factors come into play when it comes to termination. The process has to be carried out following a legal and humane procedure to prevent hostility—our Sacramento termination planning consultants partner with you to create a termination planning solution for your business.


At Providers International, we offer threat mitigation services in Sacramento, targeted at limiting the scope of your potential threats by containing them until they can be resolved. Our Sacramento threat mitigation services are all-inclusive, allowing you to safeguard all elements of your business – from your assets to your employees and customers.


Violence can negatively impact your business by creating an environment where employees, students, or stakeholders feel unsafe. However, violent situations can be avoided before they escalate when they become aware of their actions and reactions during conflicts. Our safety and violence preparedness training services in Sacramento teach your teams how to deescalate and react to violent situations effectively.


While security risks cannot be foreseen, how you respond to them makes a difference by allowing you to minimize your potential risks and losses. Our safety and corporate security training services in Sacramento give you the upper hand by equipping your teams with the knowledge to respond to situations effectively

The Providers International Advantage

Trained Personnel

Each individual on our team is thoroughly vetted before undergoing our rigorous training program to ensure that they are well equipped for any situation.

Technologically-Driven Solutions

We integrate advanced technology into our security services, allowing us to cover all blind spots and provide you with total coverage security.

Your Safety,

We provide you with targeted solutions that directly address your security concerns in your specific industry, allowing us to deliver our services with a high-efficiency level.

The Verdict Is In

Discover what our clients have to say about our security services in Sacramento.

Tell Us Your Sacramento Security Service Requirements

We are to discuss your requirements and recommend the best security services for your needs wherever you are in Sacramento. Ready to partner with the most trusted security company in Sacramento?

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