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With proper training and education becoming a victim of violence in today’s tumultuous environment is avoidable.

Sensationalizing acts of violence has become all too common in today’s 24hour news cycle.

At times, it can seem as through venturing outside the safety of one’s home may be too dangerous.


Many people fall victim to violent acts that seem to emerge without warning.

If one is trained how to identify key risk indicators one can step in below the threshold of violence and prevent these actions from taking place. Providers International can provide the type of training your organization needs to minimize the potential for violence at your place of business, educational institution, or government facility.


We base our approach and training on common everyday situations.

Sensationalizing acts of violence has become all too common in today’s 24hour news cycle. At times, it can seem as through venturing outside the safety of one’s home may be too dangerous.

Provides International customized educational seminars address real world concerns without over dramatizing facts. Our goal is to increase our attendee’s confidence and provide tools which one can employ when confronted by acts of violence. We also train our audience how to identify key risk indicators. When properly trained individuals can step in below the threshold of violence and take immediate action to deescalate volatile situations.

When developing our customized training seminars Providers International staff will work in concert with your companies’ human resources department. Our goal is to identify areas of concern and establish an inclusive program which effectively delivers information regarding risk reduction. These cost sensitive seminars are an excellent way to augment in house training while demonstrating to personnel your company’s commitment to safety and security.

Providers International is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, American Society of Industrial Security, Executive Security International, and International Organization of Black Security Professionals. In addition, Providers International team of subject matter experts hold master’s degrees in national security, law degrees and PHD’s. In addition, staff members hold national certifications through ASIS and ESI in corporate crisis management, executive protection, corporate security, and as certified protection professionals.

Discover What People Say About Us

Providers has been first class and exactly what my business needed. I’ve had bad experiences with other organizations, and I’ve come to realize that you get what you pay for. Couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone that needs security services.

Vincent was such a delight to work with. He answered all inquiries in a timely manner, was beyond wonderful in giving me a breakdown on all the services they offer and the pros/cons of each, his friendly demeanor is really what sold me on their services. This is such a great company and would 10/10 recommend.

Provider’s Int’l demonstrates total professionalism and attention to detail at all levels. They have the industry know-how and real-world experience to scale solutions to meet the objective. In this field, confidence and peace of mind are invaluable. Provider’s delivers those intangibles. I trust Provider’s with what’s most important and I would recommend their services.

I have dealt with many security companies and can say with confidence that Providers International rises above the rest. They have such a diverse background of professionals that work there so no matter what your security needs are, Providers International can fill them. I Highly recommend them. MH

Providers International provides superior services, with superior professionalism. They strive for perfection in their profession, treating every client as their most important client. I will be using them again and again as the need for their services arises.

This is one area that after having Providers International come in and train our people we can safely say we are better at. You don’t know you’re doing something wrong, until you start doing it right.

We had another service before Providers, but everytime there was a problem they made it seem like it was always our problem. We are very happy we found Providers International. Daniel tkaes teh time to get it right the first time and this is a welcome breath of fresh air.


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