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Protect your people, your assets, and yourself with one of the most advanced security robots in use across the globe.

Outdoor Security Robot SMP S5.2

Security Robots details


Intruder Detection

State-of-the-art sensors with auto-tracking capabilities, regardless of weather, lighting conditions, and other common obstacles to video surveillance.

Powered by cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) and harnessing the latest state-of-the-art sensors to deliver unparalleled surveillance precision. Equipped with high-definition cameras and a 360-degree monitoring range, our bots leave no corner unchecked, eliminating blind spots and ensuring comprehensive security coverage. Real-time threat detection enables Pro Security Bots by Providers International to anticipate potential breaches before they occur.

Fully Compatible Security System

Our professional security robots have been designed with seamless compatibility in mind, ensuring they integrate effortlessly with your existing security systems. Whether you have a comprehensive network of cameras, alarms, or other AI-driven devices, Pro Security Bots by Providers International is designed to join forces with your existing ecosystem.

Security Robot Industrial

Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms, our robot constantly scans its surroundings, identifying potential obstacles in real-time. When encountering barriers or obstructions, the robot intelligently adjusts its path, choosing the most efficient and obstacle-free route to continue its mission without interruption.

Autonomous Patrol

Pro Security Bots by Providers International are designed for autonomous patrol, individually or in group patrolling. Our security robots can exchange data, coordinate perimeter, and exchange visual patterns.

24/7 Monitoring

ProSecurityBots comes with 24/7 virtual monitoring and online diagnostics to keep your property protected.


AI Security Robots and Armed Patrol

Pro Security Bots by Providers International work more effectively in tandem with armed security guards from Providers International. Reducing your overall security budget while providing a higher level of safety and a quick, on-site response from our highly trained guards.

7 Reasons To Choose Robotic Security

1. Proactive Surveillance Solution

Our robots are designed to optimize multilevel perimeter coverage and integrate with other security systems, effectively manage battery consumption, and exchange data on any out-­of-pattern activity, as well as any perimeter intrusions and trespassing.

2. Optimal Outdoor Performance

Developed for outdoor security. The robots are all-weather, all-surface, smart security, turn-key solution, and work at any time of the day or night, in any weather condition, at any time of the year, on any road surface, and on a variety of terrains. Any weather autonomous charging station available for all models.

3. Multi-Integration Platform

Designed to integrate with popular security systems like Visual Management Systems, Alarm Systems, Messengers, and Voice communication platforms.

4. Fully Autonomous

Powered by Artificial Intelligence as a proactive surveillance system that operates independently on its own using real­time obstacle avoidance, human recognition, and many other cutting-edge technological advancements.

5. Group Patroling

Made to work in teams of up to 30 robots as one in swarm mode. Robots memorize routes, interact with each other, keep the necessary distance, and transmit and exchange information with each other. Add another robot to your team and the rest will train the new robot.

6. Real Outdoor Security Robots

SMP security robots have been designed as outdoor security robots only. There are no flat roads in the world, but in the real world there are huge temperature range, rain, snow, sand, mud, gravel, small debris, puddles, slopes, hills, off-road … SMP Robotics Security robots working very well in such conditions.

7. Robot Initial Training & Further Self-Learning

The training of new security officers is a long process that lasts from several weeks to several months. When working with SMP robots, you only need to train one robot in a team. When adding a new robot to a group with a trained one (or replacing one of the robots from the group), you do not need to spend time training the robot. The new robot immediately knows everything that the rest of the robots in the group know. As they work, all robots continue self-learning and share their knowledge with other robots of the group.

Discover What People Say About Us

Providers has been first class and exactly what my business needed. I’ve had bad experiences with other organizations, and I’ve come to realize that you get what you pay for. Couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone that needs security services.

Vincent was such a delight to work with. He answered all inquiries in a timely manner, was beyond wonderful in giving me a breakdown on all the services they offer and the pros/cons of each, his friendly demeanor is really what sold me on their services. This is such a great company and would 10/10 recommend.

Provider’s Int’l demonstrates total professionalism and attention to detail at all levels. They have the industry know-how and real-world experience to scale solutions to meet the objective. In this field, confidence and peace of mind are invaluable. Provider’s delivers those intangibles. I trust Provider’s with what’s most important and I would recommend their services.

I have dealt with many security companies and can say with confidence that Providers International rises above the rest. They have such a diverse background of professionals that work there so no matter what your security needs are, Providers International can fill them. I Highly recommend them. MH

Providers International provides superior services, with superior professionalism. They strive for perfection in their profession, treating every client as their most important client. I will be using them again and again as the need for their services arises.

This is one area that after having Providers International come in and train our people we can safely say we are better at. You don’t know you’re doing something wrong, until you start doing it right.

We had another service before Providers, but everytime there was a problem they made it seem like it was always our problem. We are very happy we found Providers International. Daniel tkaes teh time to get it right the first time and this is a welcome breath of fresh air.


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