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Armed guard security


20 East Thomas Road Suite 2200
Phoenix, Arizona 85012


Open 24 Hours

20 East Thomas Road Suite 2200
Phoenix, Arizona 85012


Open 24 Hours

Professional Security with Impeccable Service


Never Compromise On Your Security

Security threats are never foretold, and you should always be prepared. At Providers International, we offer private security services in Phoenix, Arizona, to protect your people, property, assets, and life from all angles, around the clock.


A Security Partner You Can Trust

Providers International not only delivers a sense of security in situations where your safety is at risk. We provide the critical skillset necessary for your protection. We are always ready to act as your first line of defense in any situation. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your business, people, and assets are always safeguarded with our Phoenix private security services.

Our Services

At Providers International, we individualize our private security services in Phoenix to our client’s unique requirements at the most competitive rates. From residential and commercial private security to armed security services, we have the talent and resources to provide you with the protection you need in one place.


Armed guard security services go a long way in discouraging criminal activity by acting as a deterrent for crime. However, a split-second decision can be the difference between life and death in an urgent situation. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with an armed security company that can handle real-life situations efficiently and effectively. With our armed guard security services in Phoenix, you can rest assured knowing we always have your back. 


Got valuable assets and equipment on site? Let us protect your people and investments with our Phoenix site security services. We specialize in safeguarding useful material and equipment that cannot be removed from the site. We are here for you if you need us to provide private security services for your residence, business establishment, or event.


Mitigating threats effectively requires a high level of skill in assessing and eliminating vulnerabilities from every possible point. Our Phoenix threat mitigation specialists have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to identify all potential threats around you or your property. As a result, we can take measures to address them and keep you safe. From protecting your establishment or ensuring the safety of your employees or high-profile individuals, we do it all. 


Protect your assets in real-time, even on the go, with our Phoenix asset management solutions. Our asset management team will monitor, control and safeguard your assets and ensure the continuation of your operations, allowing you to keep your supply chain moving. We provide all the asset management services you need, from access screening and secure transport to fleet management. In addition, with customized asset management services, you can quickly scale our services up or down to align with your unique goals. 


Your company’s reputation matters, and as such, you should always plan your termination in advance to ensure that you respectfully and humanely terminate your employee contracts. At Providers International, we have a team of experienced Phoenix termination planning specialists who help ensure your process goes smoothly. As a result, you can look forward to a peaceful termination, even when dealing with hostile employees.


Security threats can arise anytime; sometimes, desperate times call for an immediate response. Our safety and corporate security training in Phoenix teaches your employees to proactively and effectively respond to security risks. As a result, they will have the initiative to take the right measures to ensure their safety while minimizing losses. 


Workplace violence creates a hostile environment that takes a toll on your employees. It also affects their ability to deliver results, work collaboratively, and deal with customers, clients, and prospects. Our Phoenix workplace violence mitigation solutions will empower you and your workforce with the skills you need to identify potentially violent situations. As a result, they can resolve incidents before they turn violent and keep your work environment violence-free. 


The slightest incident can quickly escalate into a violent encounter when not handled properly. If your employees are not trained to handle such situations, it can lead to a disaster. At Providers International, we provide expert-led safety and violence preparedness training in Phoenix. Our course was designed to equip your employees with the skills to handle real-life incidents that may result in violence and deescalate situations. As a result, you will maintain a safe working environment. 

Why Choose Us?


Our Phoenix private security service personnel are not only well trained for the job. As a result, they can swiftly respond to any situation professionally while prioritizing your safety and that of your assets.

Experienced Professionals

Our Phoenix private security company thoroughly vets each member of our security detail. Moreover, we put them through a mandatory training program to ensure they have all the skills they need to protect you. 

Comprehensive Service

When it comes to keeping you safe, we never compromise. Our Phoenix armed security company doesn’t just provide you with the human resources you need. We also craft comprehensive protection plans that factor in all possible vulnerabilities, eliminate them, and keep you safe. 

Licensed, Accredited & Fully Certified

Providers International is a fully licensed, registered, and accredited private security company in Phoenix, Arizona. Moreover, we are one of the few Phoenix private security service providers that are part of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, American Society of Industrial Security, Executive Security International, and the International Organization of Black Security Professionals.

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Are you ready to secure your people, Property, And Life With Our Private Security Company In Phoenix, Arizona?

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