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Armed guard security


2620 Regatta Drive
Suite 242
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Open 24 Hours

2620 Regatta Drive
Suite 240
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Open 24 Hours

Unparalleled Security Services In Las Vegas, Distinguished By Quality

Providers International is a security company in Las Vegas that offers end-to-end security solutions for businesses, residential property, events, and individuals.
Trained & Certified Security Personnel  •  Integrated Technology For Enhanced Protection  •  Accredited, Fully Licensed & Bonded



We Take A Total Approach To Protecting You, Your Assets, And Personnel

At Providers International, we are committed to making your world a place you can feel safe and live without having to look over your shoulder constantly. When you partner with us, you get much more than just uniformed guards who look tough. Instead, you will have a team that is always ready to act as your first line of defense in the event of an attack and go the extra mile to seek out and eliminate any vulnerabilities you have in your security. 

Let us give you peace of mind.

Discover What We Can Do For You

Our Las Vegas security services allow you to protect your people & valuable assets cost-effectively without compromising on our quality of service.


If you have a home or business located in high crime areas or being a high-profile individual, hiring professionally trained armed guards is crucial for ensuring your safety and that of your high-value assets. We provide armed guard services in Las Vegas tailored to suit your needs. So whether you require uniformed armed guards or prefer them to have their firearms concealed to keep your patrons at ease, we have the perfect solution.


All company terminations, especially for hostile individuals, should be planned to ensure that they leave the premises in a dignified manner while keeping security measures in place in case of violent outbursts. Our Las Vegas termination planning services help you firmly control the termination process, whether you are dealing with tenants or employees.


It takes less than a split second to realize that something is wrong, and how your teams respond to situations can become the difference between life and death. We provide safety and corporate training services in Las Vegas that are fully customized to meet your business’s safety and security demands, allowing you to keep your people and assets secure.


As a business owner or homeowner with valuable assets, a high-profile individual, or an event host, not having any security detail puts you at a high risk of attacks from criminal elements. Our comprehensive site security services in Las Vegas offer you total protection against all threats, allowing you to protect your people, assets, and life.


Workplace violence cannot always be prevented, especially when the individuals involved are rage-filled. However, when people understand how to prepare for or react to violent conduct, such situations can be dealt with diplomatically. We provide safety and violence preparedness training in Las Vegas that directly addresses how your teams recognize violence potential, mediate conflicts, and safely de escalate violent situations.


Relying on technology to keep an eye on your remote sites, assets, and vehicles on the move can only do so much. Moreover, it can be exploited. However, when you have our experienced Las Vegas asset management professionals on board to do the heavy lifting, you can rest assured that your sensitive sites, fleets, and more are safeguarded and constantly monitored.


Violence is never anticipated, and it can occur at any time, anywhere. However, when your people are equipped with the ability to handle crises and situations of rage diplomatically, you can effectively minimize the risks of violence. We provide safety and violence preparedness training services in Las Vegas that make it possible for you to create safe and healthy environments free from violent activities.


Advanced technology and intelligent security features can only do so much in protecting what matters to you. Our Las Vegas threat mitigation services were specially created to help you identify your vulnerabilities, take measures to mitigate them, and counter all security threats you may have cost-effectively.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Take a look at what people say about our Las Vegas security services.

Looking For Reliable Security Services in Las Vegas?

Our Las Vegas security company is ready to partner with you in formulating a custom security plan tailored to your needs and budget. Tell us your security service needs.

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